Electricity North West

Are you #SwitchedOn?

Our energy landscape is rapidly changing, and it’s vital we alter our behaviour towards the way use electricity in our homes and businesses. Getting ‘switched on’ and making a few, simple changes to how we use electricity, as well as embracing renewable energy, will not only reduce the need for costly new infrastructure, but ensure future capacity and affordability and a low carbon green future.

Here at Electricity North West, we’re helping people to get switched on by discovering their ‘Energy Persona’ by taking an easy test. A series of multiple choice questions linked to your energy usage will establish which character you are – an Energy Drain Jane, Energy Steady Eddie or Energy Busting Beth. Once completed, you’ll be able to download a guide specific to your persona, which will provide simple tips to help you reduce your energy consumption and electricity bills.

Thanks for your interest in taking part in our energy survey. Although there are no prizes to be won, your insights will be really useful, and you might just take away a few tips to reduce your bills and help the planet!

  1. When you’re at home, do you leave your electrical appliances on standby?

  2. Do you only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need?

  3. Would you reduce your use of a washing machine by one load per week to save energy?

  4. Would you spend a minute less in the shower to save energy?

  5. Do you have draught proofing at home/would you consider it?

  6. When heating your home, do you only heat the rooms that require it?

  7. Do you have LED spotlights/energy saving lightbulbs?

  8. Do you turn the lights off in your home in the rooms you aren’t using?

  9. Do you have solar panels at home?

  10. Do you have an electric vehicle?